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Tattoo Aftercare

  • Keep your tattoo wrapped for 8 hours minimum, to a maximum of 24 hours

  • DO NOT submerge your tattoo in water (sink, tub, pool, hot tub...etc)

  • DO NOT allow a fresh tattoo to be in direct sunlight

  • DO NOT pick or scratch your healing tattoo, this can remove scabs or dry skin that is not ready to come off on its own and will take out or remove ink

  • DO NOT wear tight or abrasive clothing over your tattoo, this can also cause dry areas to be removed before they are ready to come off

  • Once you decide to take of the bandage you can either take it off before entering the shower or inside the shower if the bandage is hard to remove or sticking to your tattoo

  • While in the shower clean the tattoo thoroughly but gently using only your hands (do not use a cloth or loofa) with a small amount of mild non-scented soap (Dr. Bonners baby nonscented, or Aveeno non-scented)

  • Pat dry, you can either apply nothing at all, or a very thin layer of healing salve (Better Butter is available in the studio for purchase), Aquaphor is also a good product and is available at your local drugstore.

  • If you do decide to apply a salve, wait ten minutes after applying and gently dab/blot all excess liquid, salve has a tendency to allow lymph and plasma to ooze out, which is essentially liquid scab. Cleaning this off = less scab = easier heal

  • The tattoo may become itchy and dry within the first few days, you can put a small amount of salve on 2 times a day, and blot/dab off any excess

  • DO NOT over moisturize, this does not allow your skin to breathe

  • The key to a good heal is to keep the tattoo clean and not allowing large or thick scabs to form If out in public or possible dirty environments keep the area covered by a loose fitting breathable piece of clothing, such as; a cotton long sleeve, cotton loose fitting pants...etc

  • If your tattoo adheres to a piece of clothing or frabric (ie sheets, pillow case, pants, shirt...etc) you can jump into the shower with the piece of clothing on and allow the water to gently un-stick your tattoo

  • The average time for healing is 2 weeks, it may be quicker or longer depending on your body

  • The first three days are critical, if you don't allow a scab to build during this time, you should be in a position to have a quick and simple heal.​

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